Introduction To Planting Machine Wholesale


    How to pay attention to the release and storage of China Wholesale Fertilizer Machine? The plug seeder has the characteristics of easy transplantation and high survival rate, so it is widely used in the nursery stock market. However, there are two key points in the use of plug planters, one is the removal of seedlings, and the other is the storage of plugs. So, how should we pay attention to use it?

    The correct method of removing the plate will not damage the root system of the seedlings, but can also increase the survival rate of the slow seedlings after transplanting. The method is: first gently pinch the hole, loosen the base material and then pull out, so as not to damage the root system. In addition, when the tray planter is transported, the substrate is too dry and must be watered first, and then the tray is removed. Watering can play a lubricating effect and is conducive to pulling out the seedlings.


    Due to the different characteristics of the production materials, the storage methods of plugs made of different materials are also different. If the flowerpot used is made of polyvinyl chloride, because the flowerpot is hard and brittle, it will age quickly under direct sunlight, and it is easy to break from the edge of the flowerpot during use. Therefore, when storing this flower arranging machine, it should be placed in a dark and humid place. It can be stacked directly together and buried in moist soil; it can also be stacked together and covered with damp old grass thatch, and placed in a place away from direct sunlight.

    If the flower pots used are made of polystyrene material, this kind of flower pot has the characteristics of good toughness, strong anti-aging degree, non-toxic, etc., so just stack them together and store them in a dark place.


    When saving Planting Machine Wholesale, pay attention to lay the plugs flat and not bend them to prevent deformation.