Compressor Car Refrigerator Is So Worth It

  •     The car refrigerator with a compressor actually refers to the car refrigerator that is cooled by the compressor power, which is similar to the household refrigerator. The same as a car refrigerator, the compressor-type refrigeration effect and performance is better. Usually, the refrigeration temperature ranges from -18°C to 10°C, which can make ice, keep fresh, can be controlled in sections, and is not easy to be damaged; it is also the mainstream direction of the development of car refrigerators in the future.

        One of the reasons why the performance of the compressor car refrigerator is stronger than that of the semiconductor car refrigerator is this: in terms of refrigeration: the compressor car refrigerator can be cooled to -18 ℃, which is strong cooling; the heating and cooling box can generally only reach 0 ℃.

        In terms of service life: the compressor on-board refrigerator has a long service life, which can reach about 10 years; and many cooling and heating boxes will be scrapped in one summer.

    In terms of price: the compressor car refrigerator will be more expensive than the heating and cooling box. This is related to quality and performance, which is understandable.

        Noise: the heating and cooling box will be quieter.

        In terms of thermal insulation: the mature car refrigerators or heating and cooling boxes on the market have good thermal insulation performance.

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