The installation method and basic parameters of tv lift


    Plasma (liquid crystal) tv lift is designed according to modern space beautification needs. It can be embedded in bookcases, file cabinets, and ceilings. It is easy to use and operate, runs smoothly, and is reliable. It also has automatic doors and anti-pinch functions. The product has a beautiful appearance. Suitable for plasma (liquid crystal) TVs of different specifications and models such as 42`, 50` and 62`.

    Installation method:

    Plasma (liquid crystal) TV lifters are all custom-made products, and the size of the lifter is customized; the installation (generally embedded on the table) is the same as the flat mounting method of the projector lifter.

    The method of opening the hole: the table is increased by 10mm according to the size of the elevator body; the upper and lower fixed screws of the movement are connected with the TV cabinet, and the table is raised

    Install the TV on the bracket plate and fasten the screws;

    The wiring method is the same as that of the projector lifter, test the machine and observe whether there is a wire clamping phenomenon.

    Basic parameters: It depends on the size of the plasma (LCD) TV of the actual brand model.


    1. Suitable for 42-inch flat-screen TV

    5. Product size: 596*95*825

    TV sets above 6.42 inches can be customized.

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