What are the advantages of height adjustable desk?


    Ergonomic desk can have many names, also called height adjustable desk, standing desk, etc. In fact, it is easy to understand that the lifting table is to achieve the purpose of lifting the entire desktop by controlling the legs of the table. The elevator table drops like this below.

    There is also a lift table, also called a table in a table. A platform that can be used directly on the table. Just like the following.

    Lifting tables can be divided into three types according to different lifting methods: manual, electric and pneumatic lifting tables. The difference between these three modes lies in the lifting power. The advantages and disadvantages of each are introduced below.

    1. Hand-operated lifting table is to control the lifting of the desktop manually. Someone should have seen walking tractors, the kind of starting method similar to walking tractors.

    2. Pneumatic lifting table. It is generally driven by nitrogen gas springs. Just like many ergonomic chairs, this is the method of air pressure stick. The advantage is also more environmentally friendly, and the speed of lifting is relatively fast.

    3. Electric lifting table, which is the mainstream mode of the current lifting table, is driven by electricity. The advantage is that of course it is more convenient and elegant, and it will automatically be in place with a light press. Moreover, current electric lifting tables are equipped with smart modes, which can be combined with Bluetooth remote control and automatic alarm clocks.

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