The Working Principle of TV Lift


    Motorized Tv Lift have various shapes and sizes, but the functions of the lifts are similar. The main function is to raise and lower the TV. If the TV lift is located in the cabinet, the lift is usually designed to be lifted with the press of a button TV, press the button again and the TV can be lowered back to the TV cabinet.

    If you want the TV to be lowered from the ceiling to watch, the elevator is usually designed for reverse movement, that is, when you need to watch TV, the TV opportunity From the ceiling down to the viewing position, when you do not need to use it can rise back to the ceiling.

    Most TV lifts are now equipped with a remote control, which can remotely control the lift, which is very convenient to use. If the remote control of the elevator is accidentally lost, most of the elevators are also designed with a backup device that can be manually operated. You only need to press the button with manual operation to control the rise and fall of the elevator.

    The sizes of lifting mechanisms on the market are different. Lifts of different sizes can support the rise and fall of TVs of different inches. The size of TVs that can be supported by a TV lift is usually determined by the weight and material of the lift. The elevator has vertical and horizontal mounting bracket design, the vertical bar can be adjusted to the height of the TV, and the horizontal bar can be adjusted to align with the mounting hole on the back of the TV. If the TV is within the maximum size and weight that the vertical rod of the elevator can support, the TV elevator can function.

    In the years of rapid development of TV elevators, the design of the elevator has been very advanced, and even a TV elevator that can rotate is designed. With the continuous development of the technology of the Lifting column set in these TV elevators, this TV lifting column is accepted by more and more people and is becoming more and more popular.