Custom Phone cases for everyone

  • Expensive smartphone. That is why it is very important to buy a kasing to protect the screen from cracks, its components from water and body from falling. But which case is the best for your lifestyle? We have a list of trusted telephone cases that offer protection for each situation. Which is right for you?

    Careless? Cases that offer the most protection

    Kasing -This case is made to protect your cellphone from falling, lumps, water, mud, scratches and whatever life can be thrown. Brands such as Lifeproof, Raptic and Otterbox allow you to confidently slip your cellphone into the same pocket as your key or bring your smartphone to the pool without worrying. Here are the best options available. Lifeproof is a reliable brand that iphone parts wholesale offers Magsafe smartphone casings, special telephone casing accessories and scratch resistant screen protectors. This kasing allows you to soak your cellphone for up to two meters of water for one hour. It was made with 60% recycled plastic and has a slim and slender design to keep your cellphone safe among tightly closed kasing.

    Raptic is known for its kasing, but also offers tactical wallets, keys, earbud casings and many more. What are the similarities of all these things? Correctly. They are made to protect your device. This can be dropped from 10 feet and has a bezel lifted for extra protection against screen strokes. This kasing does not come with a screen protector but offers a rubber interior to absorb a fall. You can also use Qi charging with this case. Raptic smartphone kasing is one of its most popular products.

    Otterbox is another popular protective brand. Get a smartphone casing, tablet containers, game accessories, ribbons and smart watch casings, screen protectors and more.

    You will barely notice there

    If you are looking for a smartphone container that can protect without feeling big, switch to these fantastic options from ESR and Speck. Both brands are known to keep your cellphone safe without taking a valuable wallet or pocket room. ESR offers a halolock and magsafe smartphone car charger, telephone cash and more. It has military level protection and air guard corners that help absorb the surprise from the serious fall. Speck Antimicrobial casing features customize your phone case for smart phones, laptops, earbuds, and more. It also offers protection from falling, scratches and screen damage. Functioned smartphone kasing has repeatedly proves that they can give your device with the security you are looking for without an unpleasant appearance or not badly designed.