A Quick Guide to Runescape Dinosaur Farming

  • After the appearance of RuneScape, many players are willing to compare RuneScape with Old School RuneScape and find their differences. Among them, Dinosaur Farm is owned by RuneScape, but Old School RuneScape does not. That could change the future, though, should player demand increase significantly. If it does, it may possibly potentially often be good availability of Cheap RS3 Gold, as you can get many materials at their store in RS.

    Starting the Farm. Your Dinosaur Farm is found in Anachronia, aptly called "the Land away from Time" - possibly an homage for the classic 80s animated feature film about dinosaurs. You can access the venue through the mystical tree at Manor Farm or about the west coast with the island. Take note your character needs to have at least level 42 Farming in order to take care of these animals.

    Prehistoric Potterington will allow you to set up paddocks to place animals in. You need level 45-90 Construction to make them, however, so be sure you grind against each other beforehand. Also worth noting would be that the pens also have resources from throughout the island to make instead of the usual planks and nails.

    Livestock Mechanics. A Pen Deed has to be acquired before building new pens. Get them through the Farmer's Market before building one. As mentioned in the section, you'll gather materials from across the island if you're to actually undertake this. You can get to five pens, two large, one medium, one small, as well as a breeding pen. You can't put different types of animal types inside the same pen.

    If you are a fan of dinosaur breeding, then this feature must not be missed. If your level is not enough, there are many OSRS Gold for sale on the websites. I suggest you RS3 Gold For Sale to upgrade your level. Next, we need Feeding, Growing, and Breeding. Pens have troughs to fill using the animal's favorite food. Troughs will hold around 1,000 units in the food. The appropriate foods are listed on their info, and every animal will eat one unit every hour. If you've got two animals from the pen, two units from the food are going to be used up every hour.

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