OSRS: 3 Most Valuable Bosses

  • Although Old School Runescape has always been loved by players, getting the OSRS gold is indeed a thing that bothers many players, and many players are frustrated by this matter. In OSRS, if you can defeat these four bosses, you will not worry about the gold medal.

    1.Abyssal Sire

    It is not easy to defeat Abyssal Sire and can be said to be very tricky. Even so, there are still many players eager to achieve this achievement. The huge rewards for defeating Abyssal Sire are really fascinating. Before starting, firstly, hope that your nirvana must be at least level 85 so that you can have high enough damage. Secondly, you need to be in Abyssal Demons or Abyssal Sire missions. Otherwise, you will not have a chance to meet Abyssal Sire. Once you beat Abyssal Sire, you will earn a considerable OSRS GP of up to 3 million per hour.

    2. Dagannoth Kings

    The amount of gold produced per hour by the Dagannoth Kings is not much different from Sire, but the good news is that the task is relatively simple. The king trio is Dagannoth Rex, Dagannoth Supreme, and Dagonnoth Prime. Although there are three kings, the difficulty has not increased. Similarly, before fighting, you need to have a high level of fighting skills and a sufficient fighting state. In the battle, you can adopt a variety of different fighting methods to cleverly win the battle. If you can successfully complete the task, you can get 3 million gold coins per hour. But this may take you a certain amount of time and energy. If you are lucky, it is not impossible to pass the customs once.

    3. Zulrah

    The number of gold brought by the first two bosses is 3 million per hour. Some players may not be satisfied with these gold. If you want to Buy OSRS GP, then Zulrah must be very suitable for you. The number of gold brought by this guy is far more than 3 million, so it is no exaggeration to be called a cash cow. With so much gold, it is conceivable that defeating Zulrah must be very difficult. If you have the ability, you might as well give it a try. Maybe you can become the lucky one and then become a millionaire.

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