The Old School Runescape was not successful in introducing new

  • The massively multiplayer online role-playing game "Old School RuneScape" released in 2013 could have accepted the first new skill. Warding was a skill that allows players to create magical equipment such as robes and armor. As with all major new features, developer Jagex conducted a poll to gather community opinions and opinions on the new skills. Unfortunately, the voting was not successful, and no new skills (OSRS Gold) were added to the game.

    After a week of polls, Jagex published the results on his blog. A total of 125,000 people participated in the survey, and 66% of players hope to join this new skill as soon as possible. Although more than half of the people voted for it, unfortunately, it still failed to reach 75%. According to the voting rules, this skill was finally canceled.

    Regarding whether to add new skills, there are two main differences in the old school arena. Some people think that a new skill can bring a new experience and improve the playability of the game. But some people think that it will affect the game landscape and make it difficult for many players to adapt. Throughout the design process, the developers recorded community feedback and made many changes to this skill. If you are interested, you can read detailed information about this skill on the Warding Design Blog.

    The Old-School team wrote: "One thing we will be committed to is that we will take you on this journey together. During the development of the game, we hope to hear everyone's suggestions and feedback, which is necessary ."

    Considering the current state of the voting system, it is not clear whether the game will acquire new skills in the future. Getting 75% of voters to agree is a challenging task, especially when it has something like Warding that changes the rules of the game.

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