China Die Casting Supplier Introduces The Design Knowledge Of D


    China Die Casting Supplier introduces the reasons and solutions for the daily defects of die castings:

    1. There are pores in the die-casting parts, and the causes:
    ① The metal flowing direction is not correct, and it has a frontal impact with the casting cavity, resulting in eddy currents, enveloping the air, and generating bubbles;
    ②The inner gate is too small, and the metal flow rate is too large. Before the air is removed, the vent is blocked prematurely, leaving the gas in the casting;
    ③The cavity is too deep and it is difficult to ventilate and exhaust;
    ④The exhaust system design is unreasonable and it is difficult to exhaust.

    Adjustment method:

    ① Correct the size and shape of the shunt cone to prevent the frontal impact of the metal flow on the cavity;
    ②Appropriately enlarge the inner gate;
    ③Improve mold design;
    ④Design the exhaust groove reasonably to increase air pockets.

    2. The molten metal splashes out during the die-casting process, which causes:
    ①The clamping between the movable and fixed molds is not tight, and the gap is large;
    ②Insufficient clamping force;
    ③Die-casting is motorized, and the fixed mold mounting plates are not parallel;
    ④The support plate has a large span. The injection force causes the cover plate to deform. Produce spray material.

    Adjustment method:
    ① Reinstall the mold;
    ②Increase the clamping force;
    ③Adjust the die-casting machine, make it move, and keep the fixed mold mounting plates parallel to each other;
    ④Add a support plate to the movable mold to increase the rigidity of the set plate.

    Through the above introduction, Zinc Die Casting Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.