Die Casting Supplier Introduces The Production Method Of Alumin


    Die Casting Supplier introduces the precautions during the aluminum alloy die casting process:

    1. Consider demoulding issues.

    2. Considering the wall thickness of aluminum alloy die casting, the thickness gap filled is too large.

    3. In the structure, try to avoid the appearance of the structure, resulting in a complicated mold structure, and having to use multiple cores or spiral cores.

    4. Some die casting parts may have special requirements, such as fuel injection.

    5. The design considers mold issues. If there are multiple positions of the core, try to put the two aspects, it is best not to put the lower core, this time is very long, the aluminum alloy die-casting core will have problems.

    Through the above introduction, Aluminum Die Casting  Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.