Auto Parts Factory Introduces The Production Principle Of Die C


    How does Auto Parts Factory  maintain heat balance?

    1. Principle: During the die-casting production process, the heat absorbed by the mold must be consistent with the heat discharged, so as to prevent the mold from getting colder or getting hotter, and reduce shrinkage, shrinkage, and pores caused by uneven mold temperature. And other casting defects. Improve the appearance and internal quality of castings, the service life of molds and production efficiency. Reaching the thermal balance is the process of cooling the mold at high temperature and heating it at low temperature.

    2. Die casting mold temperature controller
    The mold temperature machine is divided into water type and oil type. Generally, water type is selected for temperature control around 160℃ and higher environmental requirements, and oil type is generally selected for higher than 160℃. The general main function of the mold temperature machine is to use the cold mold, and it is not enough to adjust and control the temperature in the die casting production process.

    3. Mold cooling unit
    The mold cooling unit is used in conjunction with the mold's own cooling circulating water to cool the high temperature parts of the mold to maintain the thermal balance of the mold cavity temperature.

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