How do i get in touch with Wizz Air?

  • Gaining the service from the Wizz Air or desire to get the service in the future and you have something to ask regarding that, you can use the customer service option and get the answer to your query or the question How do i get in touch with Wizz Air?. And the ways of communication are listed below


    Directly approach customer service through the call and describe the issue and get a resolution while you are on call. So to get the phone number of Wizz Air, you can take these points as a reference.

    • First and foremost, you have to get to the authenticated page of Wizz Air with your web browser or ocean the Wizz Air application from your mobile.

    • On the homepage of Wizz Air, you have to take the cursor down where you see the title of customer service.

    • Under the customer service title, you will find the list of topics; choose your topic.

    • When you choose the topic, the phone number will appear to you.


    When you don't find the answer on call, you can use the chat option, which is available after choosing the topic from the customer service heading. To get the customer service option, follow the steps stated in the call option.

    Social media

    Use any social media platforms to get the Wizz Air customer service, and the social media are Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. And to get the account details or the link for the account, get to the end page of Wizz Air; there, you will locate these social media images. You have to tap on that to get connected.

    Hence if you have an issue related to this, How can I get in touch with Wizz Air? Then you have the solution from this article.