Way to Farming Currency in Path of Exile

  • How to get a lot of POE Currency , and preferably in a short time, and even at the very beginning of the league – this question interests many players in Path of Exile. In this guide, I would like to talk about the basic, proven methods of farming. Of course, some of them will change with the release of new leagues (most likely they will become less profitable), but most of them will work in new leagues. The main thing is not to focus on the amount of chaos of the orbs per hour, but to enjoy the process. After all, exalted orb (and mirror!) can fall anywhere, regardless of the chosen strategy.

    Skills, Builds and Getting Started

    Path of Exile has classes, but these only determine your starting position on a behemoth entity known as the Passive Skill Tree. In simple terms, there are two types of Skills in POE. Active Skills, which is what you actually use during combat, and Passive Skills, which are nodes that you take on the Passive Skill Tree as you level up, which grant you bonuses to various stats. This tree is one of the core elements of POE.

    There are 7 core classes in Path of Exile. 6 of these classes each have 3 Ascendancy class specializations (sub classes). The remaining, the Scion, has 1 ascendancy class. Each class has their own specialized focus, such as Melee-based abilities for the Marauder, or Ranged-based abilities for the Ranger. But you can easily branch out from these archetypes and get creative if you wish.

    The Basics of Builds

    Stats are the first area of your builds you should be paying attention to. And this is more than just how much Life or Mana you have. In short, there are three main stats – Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. Each build in POE will usually have one or two stats which it seeks to maximize.

    Path of Exile is a complex game, and there’s a lot of depth that’s seemingly hidden to new players, until you start paying attention. Luckily, Grinding Gear Games has made some great strides in accessibility for POE across the last few patches. One such change is the addition of Skill Gem tooltips which tell you how a skill is affected by your other socketed Skill Gems. Hovering over a Skill Gem will show all of the Skills you have Socketed, and either a green check for skills with which that new Gem can work with, or a red X for skills with which it is incompatible.

    Build Guides will almost always give the reader some options for different gear in addition to all the other information. Pay attention to both the recommended items and stat priorities in a build guide, you’ll want to look for gear that fits in with the intended purpose of the build and its Skills.

    Builds themselves focus on three main areas. Offensive buffs, Defensive Buffs and Core Skills. Offensive Buffs will need to work in tandem with the core skill of your build. For example, a Totem Warchief build will likely want Totems that deal a type of Elemental Damage and bonuses from the skill tree that boost Elemental Damage, all while reducing the amount of damage the player takes by buffing Totem life and other defensive layers. There’s builds for every manner of play style, and you’re free to try out as many as you like until you find one you like.


    Crafting in Path of Exile could take up an entire guide unto itself, so to save time, here’s the basic idea. Crafting is the process of using Currency to modify the properties, values, Sockets, and Links of a target item. This process used to be really difficult to fully unlock, but the developers have made it far simpler in a new patch.

    With the launch of Path of Exile 3.5 and Betrayal League, Master Missions and the grind to unlock Crafting recipes is gone, replaced by a Veiled Mods system in which you unlock new Crafting Recipes by selecting them manually, each time you get a drop with a Veiled Mod.


    The process of getting a character to the point where it’s considered “done” in POE is one of the first skills you’ll master. If there’s a certain art to this game, it’s efficiency. Knowing what content to do, and how to do it quickly can make leveling so much easier in POE. A good POE build guide will also give you some ideas on how to level the build, as well as what gear and skills to use throughout playing the game at various levels. There are hundreds upon hundreds out there, choose one that you think might be fun to play.

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