Path Of Exile Currency Guides 2020

  • It’s hard to farm PoE currency when you’re just starting out as a new player that is why Playerauctions is here to make your life easier. Without the help of a handy guide, you’ll most likely be going through tons of trial and error scenarios trying to find the right way to farm in this game.

    In fact, this exact predicament usually takes up a large chunk of a beginner’s time. With us showing some of the best ways to farm chaos, exalted orbs, maps, and strongboxes, you’ll be right on the fast track to gaining high-level loot that are enough to make other players green with envy!


    Buy a tonne of cheap maps — in this case, bought 82 dry peninsulas for 120 chaos.

    No chiseling first, buying another map is 100% packsize. Chiseling is 20% quality. Both cost roughly the same. (If you’re running higher tier maps, chiseling and aching is a good idea. And Once you get to top tier maps rolling magic mobs and regaling is usually your best bet)

    If they only have one mod, aug them. If they pushed blood magic, alt past them cause that’s the only mod can’t run.

    In the map, pick up maps, good currency drops (jew+), six sockets, jewels, quality gems, valuable, and every few dozen maps may pick up 2 or 3 rare items that care about. Only pick up rares that could be upgraded for me, and maybe rares that are a good base. But 99% of the rares just get left on the ground. don’t do any chaos/regal recipes. This is the primary inefficient part of my map running for this example. Base rares and doing the unpaid regal recipe with bad rares is a good idea and makes a good profit. Vendoring every rare is a waste of time. ID and drop the bad rares when your inventory is full. In new temp, leagues make sure you do the ID regal recipe. The bar for valuable rares is pretty low earlier on in temp leagues. After a week or two, you can do the union regal recipe with bad bases, and id regal recipe with good bases.

    Delirium Mobs SpawnThe next thing to understand is how delirium mobs actually spawn. This is one of the most confusing aspects of the entirely but to get the most spawns possible. You have to do two things, the first is to make sure that you are walking over top of every single area in the entirely of the map delirium mobs. A normal maps will most of the time only spawn after you have walked through that area. So make a not to zigzag back and forth through a zone to spawn these enemies and then come back to kill them after they’ve spawned. In addition, you will see many different types of environmental objects that have varying effects and this is the second way to maximize your Delirium kills. So the striped melon looking orbs will spawn weak delirium mobs that are easy to kill the bulbous orbs with no stripes will spawn heat-seeking Death missiles, that are the bane of any and all melee builds and should be avoided at all costs.

    Killing Mobs And Picking Up Loot The next thing is what your goal should be while you’re actually clearing through the Delirium. Now obviously killing mobs and picking up loot is the end goal. But what else is there to look out for in general. I would say the most important things to look out for our Legion stones blight encounters incursions and beyond in that order everything else is still worth doing. But these encounters are a huge source of Delirium bar progression as well as drops. If you're particularly looking to maximize the amount of simulacrum shards that drop the major sources of these are boss monsters of the maps, and the two unique Delirium mobs that can spawn onomatopoeia and mental psychosis. Recently, these bosses have been heavily nerfed, so if you see them spawn, you may actually be able to kill them this time.


    Farming is the most common and versatile way to get Chaos Orb and Exalted orb, and you can only make a small profit.

    Method: full set of equipment, item level 60 (not demand level) above equipment, head, clothing, shoes, hands, two-handed weapons, rings *2, amulet, sell a store to get a Chaos Orb (see the equipment item level method, press and hold ALT: will be displayed above the level requirement)

    A full set of unidentified two Chaos Orbs can be obtained. Note that all must not be identified.

    Other Tricks

    Maximizing Item Quantity is a massive aspect that many players gloss over when it comes to mapping in POE. You need as many drops as possible to keep Maps flowing into your stash, so here are some tricks to keep tears coming.

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