What Problems do Immigrants Face While Migrating to Canada?

  • Immigrants in Canada have found it easy to settle and provide for their basic necessities due to the help they receive from the state and from nonprofit organizations that provide Financial Assistance to Immigrants in Canada. Usually, immigrants find it difficult to get on their feet when they first begin to reside in a foreign country. This is because everything is new to them and different, so they are unable to find their way around and do as they please.


    In the business world, communication plays a big role in how the products or project fares with consumers. But when it comes to communication, there is a language barrier. Even though this sounds easy to deal with - some immigrants find it hard to communicate with those who don't speak their native tongue. I learned about this issue firsthand when doing field research for online Canadian immigration resources and was pleasantly surprised to see that there are services available for individuals seeking assistance in communicating effectively with Canadian immigration consultants/consultancies.


    Thanks to the observations of social workers and government leaders, who provide financial assistance to new immigrants in Canada and also help them get through their initial adjustment period. For example, NGOs like CANSEF offer aid to those who have faced a sudden hearing or vision impairment, as well as help, provide sight training and other resources. There are so many more opportunities such as these that make it possible for immigrants to survive in their new country - whether they're working or not!


    What Problems do Immigrants Face in Canada?


    • In Canada, recent immigrants tend to be highly educated and skilled due to the fact that they were forced to be in their homeland but find it challenging to find employment or income at par with what Canadian-born individuals would, even if they're all qualified for similar positions.


    • Banks are not easily accessible for a lot of people in Canada because their credit history isn't recognized, regardless of the fact that banks just require applicants to have a credit history when they first contact them.


    • Many immigrants are susceptible to financial abuse, which can be a severe problem. This can make it even harder for immigrants to adapt to life in their new country.


    • When one is suddenly uprooted from their original home, they may experience a language barrier in searching for employment or financial services if they do not speak the same language as the others in the neighborhood with whom they are interacting.


    So, these are some troubles that immigrants face while settling in Canada, and many nonprofit organizations like CANSEF provide financial assistance for immigrants in Canada to make their migration easy.