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  • Let's get one thing straight, I don't think any piece of clothing should be bought plus size formal dress just because it's trending this season! When I come up with ideas and garments, whether it's a wedding dress or an evening gown, I choose it based on its durability and versatility. I personally don't want to spend any money on clothes that I only wear once and stash in my closet. That's why when it comes to wedding guest dresses, I consider these points before choosing my outfits.

    Over time, I've made it a goal to wear evening gowns more often. Even though I've mostly succeeded, I still feel like getting back into that maxi dress is more of a chorus than an option! That's when I realized the problem wasn't my decision, but the dress itself. From this moment on, I decided to start shopping wisely and carefully! Which brings us to 5 new look ideas I'll be rocking more than once this season!

    To be able to break this cycle, we need to start by expanding our choices and allowing ourselves to express our individuality in what we wear. Forget about these "outdated" wedding guest etiquette that make us look like real '60s actors! Gone are the days when women were required to wear ruffled maxi dresses with floral prints and embroidery. Heck, even men are ditching those boring matching suits in favor of mismatched blazers and slacks.
    Let us set the scene for you, shall we? You've been invited to a friend's outdoor wedding, but you don't know what to wear. So when you're passing by one of our boutiques, you spot this gorgeous side slit one shoulder dress! You might be thinking that this would be too easy for a wedding, but it's not.

    You see, these types of dresses are great because you can choose to dress them up or plain. With the right accessories, shoes and bags, you're all set for your wedding! Let’s say you can wear this on Valentine’s Day too! You can even wear it to a gala dinner or a grand event. If you get tired of its length, you can simply visit your local tailor and have it shortened!
    Who said all wedding guests should wear floor-length gowns? The number one dress style that can be easily recycled is the mini or cropped evening dress! Just like the previous styles, the skirt can also be dressed up, just choose the right accessories and hairstyle!
    Sometimes, depending on the venue and wedding theme, a traditional wedding guest dress may be required. Assuming you're invited to a royal themed wedding, you don't want to be there in a simple cocktail dress! You must dress for the occasion! Nonetheless, we've got the perfect gown for you, and many others.
    This gown is perfect for a royal themed wedding and is definitely an elegant look! Ruffled trim on the long, off-the-shoulder sleeves lends a modern edge. The perfect combination of trendy vibes and traditional looks for specific events.
    If long evening dresses with huge trains aren't your thing, and you don't feel comfortable wearing a mini dress: cocktail dresses! These dresses are a lifesaver as they make you look dressy and formal while remaining relaxed. Also, a short skirt is more likely to work for your closing ceremony than a large gown that takes up a lot of space. You can always look for classic colors to get the most out of it!
    Now, most importantly, dare to be sexy! You don't need to overdo it to look indecent. A simple side slit and a pop of color can do the trick, especially for a summer wedding. One of my top picks and my personal favorite is this two-tone dress with high side slits. It has a crumb belt at the waist and is finished with glitter.

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