Lost Ark Tier 2 Endgame Guide

  • After completing the continent of Rohendel, tier 2 starts at item level 802, the second part of the Lost Ark endgame, players will progress rapidly in the early stages of 802-900+ and will find similar difficulties to pass through tier 3. This guide is intended to be a short and concise guide to traversing the best Tier 2 islands, what to focus on when players upgrade their gear, and to serve as a hub for Tier 2 raids and dungeons.

    Tier 2 takes place on three continents: Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton. This is about 6 hours of content, depending on how fast you play (take side quests, find Mokoko seeds, etc.)

    Tier 2 starts at item level 600, where players are initially sent to Yorn to continue story missions. Complete Jorn's Dungeons - The Wonderful Brewery and Crucible of Souls - on Normal and Hard difficulty for additional Tier 2 Honing materials. This is an optional step, but players can artificially collect their Lost Ark Gold by purchasing 802 Gear Points upon reaching Yorn.

    This equipment is not too expensive, about 10 gold per piece, it does not matter if you Buy Lost Ark Gold, you can change the equipment at any time in the future. Purchasing 802 Gear Score allows players to complete higher level Chaos Dungeons in Yorn without first grinding gear from earlier Chaos Dungeons.

    Complete two Felton dungeons - Ruined Castle and Guilty Caverns - on Normal and Hard difficulty for additional Tier 2 crafting materials. Starting at 802 gear score+, players will have access to tier 3 Guardian Raids - Dark Legoros, Helgaia, Calventus and Achates - which will give them additional honing materials and Lost Ark Gold. Players will need to complete all four Guardian raids to unlock the next tier of raid content in level 4 raids.

    At item level 802, the player travels to the stronghold and completes research to gain better tier 1 honing opportunities and reduce tier 1 honing material research. This should make it easier for their alts to reach 500+ gear scores for Lost Ark Gold. Of course, this is completely optional. Second, players need to collect Lost Ark Gold, they can buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM.