Is Lost Ark worth playing?

  • Lost Ark is currently released in the US and Europe. It quickly became one of the most popular games in the entire history of Steam, with over 1.3 million active players last weekend. It's currently the most popular game on the service. Every player who enters the game is actively earning Lost Ark Gold.

    Overall, Steam's review of Lost Ark is positive. However, some negative reviews have risen as the game has been queuing for too long on European servers. Some players even shared various food recipes players can make while waiting to go live. Others commented on how long they had waited to play the game, since Smilegate first announced it in 2013.

    The comments, both positive and negative, expressed how much they Buy Lost Ark Gold, often calling it satisfying and fun. This is what I mentioned in my first impressions of the game. While it has a lackluster story, as other Steam reviewers have pointed out, the combat really is the star of the show. Using hitstops and hordes of enemies really helps elevate the action above other ARPGs. In Lost Ark, the player feels super powerful basically from the start, which is a nice change from the way most MMOs develop.

    Overall, The Lost Ark seems to be going well. After Smilegate and its partner Amazon added more servers this week, the surge in negative reviews from even angry people who couldn't log in appeared to be fading. Will The Lost Ark continue to dominate the Steam charts for the foreseeable future? And now, all players need to do is to prepare enough Lost Ark Gold, they can Lost Ark Buy Gold at IGGM.