Lost Ark is a great MMO for killing time

  • Debuting just a week ago, Lost Ark topped the Steam charts, amassing over 1 million concurrent players, making it the most-played game of all time on Steam. Developed by Smilegate RPG, Lost Ark is a Korean MMO that debuted in South Korea in 2018, before being localized in English and brought to the West through a partnership with Amazon Games. While it only appeared in the US and Europe for a short time, it now has over 200,000 viewers on Twitch and beat games like Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG in simultaneous player count on Steam.

    I am very happy with the character creator. The rainbow color wheel ensures you're not just a few blacks, and there are tons of sliders at your disposal to make your character look exactly how you want. When you start the game, you choose your class before doing character customization, and I find it odd that some classes in Lost Ark are gender-locked. If I want to be a warrior, I have to be a male, or if I want to be a mage, I'm locked into a female doppelganger. Each class has a number of specialized sub-classes that you must choose as soon as you choose a junior class. Because I want to play women's clothing, I chose the witch class of the mage class, but I really don't like her abilities.

    Combat feels pretty good. You start off with a bunch of abilities and some Lost Ark Gold that you can chain together to unleash some Lost Ark Gold, which are necessary in dungeons when enemies outnumber you 20 to 1. It's satisfying to hit a crowd of trolls with a devastating sword, knocking them all down in one blow. It was just as fun to spin around and smash enemies close enough to get close to my whirlwind of death.

    The most challenging aspect of Lost Ark combat is making sure your abilities hit your enemies as intended. Using the mouse to move will often throw you in the wrong direction, causing your attacks to bounce harmlessly back into space. If there's some mechanic to figure out an enemy's weakness and then use it to win, I haven't found one yet. So, it is necessary for players to collect some Lost Ark Gold before the game starts, I think they can Buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM.