Blockchain Technology



    Our ONE app Blockchain technology is attracting more and more attentions from many kinds of fields, such as finance, industry, and theory researchers. Rather than viewing blockchain as a novel technology, we should think it as an innovation for managing digital society, which provides fundamental principles to support democratically distributed applications - One Immortal.

    Hybrid - blockchain, following can be referred to as for the purpose that improving the overall efficiency of the Internet running, achieving decentralized supervision, and providing a credible, safe, and efficient performance of the energy Internet in the storage of its massive data, as well as a huge business system.

    Blockchain, a promising decentralized paradigm, can be exploited not only to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional crowdsourcing systems but also to bring technical innovations, such as decentralization and accountability.

    Supply chain finance is an effective way to solve the problem of capital turnover of construction enterprises and stabilize economic growth under epidemic situation. Blockchain technology can solve the problems in the current supply chain finance business, such as incorrect information between banks and enterprises, lack of visibility in transaction process, and possible joint fraud in the core enterprise model. For more information, please visit our site