Tell everyone about Eve Echoes abnormal guide

  • In fact, cosmic anomalies in Eve Echoes are an excellent source of income. What I want to say is that anomalies can be at any security level, and the higher the level, the better the rewards you can get. Before players try to locate anomalies in space, first make sure to have at least an entry-level battleship, such as Slasher or Atron, because you may encounter many pirate ships on the way.

    There are two types of cosmic anomalies in Eve Echoes: battle locations (PvE) and mines.

    Players can find the cartel spaceship at the battle location, can destroy it, and then get ISK rewards. If the player wants to make money in these abnormal situations, then you need to pilot a battleship in your fleet.

    Mining has always been an indispensable part of the game. Mines are asteroids floating in space and can use mining modules, drones or open-pit mining to mine various types of ore.

    So how do players locate abnormalities? By default, every player can use the system scanner, which can be used without any other skills. The signature and anomaly are automatically displayed on the right side of the screen, indicated by the eye icon. Please follow the steps below to unlock the anomaly: The player first needs to click the eye icon on the right side of the screen to open the list of all anomalies in the area, use the filter button above, and then select "Universal Anomaly". Finally, you can see a complete list of all anomalies in the visible space around you.

    The exception list will provide you with the names of all cartel ships in the scan area, including the ship group. These will be marked as: minor anomalies, moderate anomalies and major anomalies.

    These labels indicate the size of the anomaly and indicate the number of cartel spacecraft present in a single point on the spatial map. This means that a small anomaly is likely to be just a ship, and a larger anomaly is likely to be a ship. This information can help you determine whether to Buy EVE Echoes ISK attack an anomaly. There is also a number near each anomaly, indicating the difficulty level of the ships inside the anomaly. The higher the number, the more advanced the ships.

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