Race introduction and ISK acquisition of EVE Echoes

  • EVE Echoes has brought the acclaimed MMORPG into the mobile field through the cooperation of game developer CCP and publisher NetEase. Want to continue the brilliance, there is no difference between the two championship titles, even sharing the race between EVE and EVE Echoes. It is basically the same in a lot of content, but it needs to be changed accordingly when it is brought into the mobile field.

    The EVE Echoes ISK player made the wrong choice without knowing the race, which is very uncomfortable. When choosing a race for your character, there is no technically wrong choice, but it is best not to know what to enter before you start, because your character cannot be deleted in EVE Echoes.

    The four races of EVE Echoes

    The main advantage of the Amarr race is that its laser arsenal can cause electromagnetic and thermal damage. But the only real disadvantage of Amarr is the speed of movement. The frigate and destroyer ships are very slow, which means that the race is not suitable for kite flying, but to accurately and deliberately snipe the enemy fleet. Deployable drone ships have multiple functions and damage types. Another big advantage is its easy-to-maintain defense system, which makes large tank ships suitable for combat. You can play three types of groups in the Amarr Empire: Politicians, Traders, and Warriors


    This race is very similar to Amarr in the game style, but there are some obvious differences. Like Amarr, this race does not focus on the maneuverability and speed of ships, but more on defense systems and deployable drones. The DPS output of the railgun blaster that causes kinetic energy and plot damage is indeed devastating. But because of the slow speed, you also need to concentrate on armor repairs, because you yourself are vulnerable to damage. The drone system is very effective, making the Gallente race the most effective type of PvE combat. The three main groups of Gallente races are: Freedom Fighters, Thinkers and Social Climbers


    Now, you can truly experience all the glory of kill tactics. The Minmatar race is known for its fast and maneuvering ships. Its cannon weapon is equipped with a variety of damage types, but the best part is that it does not require any capacitors to cause great damage. On the other hand, unless you are prepared to invest high costs to enhance defense capabilities, the defense system will be lacking. The three main groups of the Minmatar race are: Engineers, Humble Beginnings and Everymen


    This race can be classified as somewhere between Minmatar and Amarr. It has a high-speed fleet, and can play sniper games with slower and better equipped giants. They use efficient missile weapons, which can make their fleet useful in rat tactics and very useful for kiting. Their defense system is on the weaker side, but they can quickly replenish energy if needed. Caldari is a race generally praised by many EVE players, so please join the race with the following three groups: Authoritarians, Competitives and Character Introverts

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