Do you know how to get auxiliary partners in Phantasy Star Onli

  • Numerous features in Phantasy Star Online 2 include the ability to have auxiliary personnel, who are actually a small partner who can help you fight. You can level up with friends who have such characters and play with them at home. It may be a little confusing for the player to figure out how to obtain the aid, but by following the steps below, you will be paired immediately.

    If players want to have auxiliary partners, they must first meet two qualifications. The first requirement is that you need to Buy PSO2 Meseta upgrade your character to level 20. The second condition is that you must make enough progress on Afin. Even so, it will not be too long, because players only need to complete the most basic entry-level orders. After completing these two operations, our favorite friend Cofy will provide you with an auxiliary course order on ARKS.

    It's time to have fun on ARKS. But you will need to visit Astarte. When you check Cofy, there is an entrance on the left, and Astarte is behind the counter on the other side of the entrance. Talking to her will enable her to explain the additives to you. After listening to her, return to Cofy, who will provide you with console equipment for personal use. This is the Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta way to complete the order.

    After the player has moved to their personal area, they can place the console wherever you want. You can still interact with it, but you cannot call any auxiliary devices at this time.

    Now, it’s time to head to the shopping plaza and to the salon on the second floor, the bright pink shop. Here, you can visit "Manage Auxiliaries". This step will take you to the character creation screen, where you can create your own mate. You will choose a main class, and the steps at this time are the same as you did for the character. After that, you can return to your personal area to interact with the console. Eventually you will see your partner there.

    Now you can choose a subcategory for them, equip them with any weapons they need, and then send them out when searching. Auxiliary equipment will come with private mini-orders, which can be upgraded or customer orders can be completed for you. They will not be able to complete all customer orders for you, but several can be completed. Of course, the higher the level of assistance, the more likely they are to complete the order.

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