Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 5 officially unveiled

  • Your wait for episode 5 of Phantasy Star Online 2 is over. Players will have a new story here, and updated features and even a new course for you to Buy PSO2 Meseta enjoy. Sega has been stimulating the next stage of the game with bonuses and rewards for a while, but now players can see there are more.

    In fact, episode 5 seems to be very different from episode 4, because there are a lot of new things in the game, and there is a higher upper limit, players can reach 90. This is the exciting content of PSO2 Episode 5, of course, if you are tired of the game fight, you will not choose to come back.

    The Cheap PSO2 Meseta first Scion Class, the hero, is here. Unlike regular courses, there are some requirements to unlock Scions, and they are often different in gameplay. To play a hero, you must have two level 75 classes before you can talk to Cofy so you can unlock it.

    The role of the hero is completely different from what we have seen before. It cannot be used as a Sub Class nor have one, so playing it means only using Hero. However, it does have a very extensive arsenal, capable of effectively using swords, dual machine guns and amulets. You can stick to one of the weapons of your choice, but when these three weapons are combined into a devastating combo, the class will glow. Since the last new lesson, there will also be a new hero character who can help you and provide you with new tasks to practice with.

    New features have also been added to the game. However, it requires you to read through the story to unlock any of them. Dark Blast enables players to become one of four Dark Falz, such as Hyunal or Angel, in a limited time, and is equipped with unique, powerful attacks and buffs. It is a bit like a photon shock wave, but because of its other form, it left a deep impression on the players. Just use them to upgrade these forms, and you can spend a little money to improve the skills of each form.

    Episode 5 has been far from the earth, back to the ARKS universe. From the end of episode 3, in which Persona and the darkness of the abyss are trapped in a time loop, the hero, you and Matoi try to make Persona stand out. An anomaly occurs and you find yourself in a new world called Omega, which is in a black hole, and new and old characters are fighting corruption again. Omega considered fantasy in its design. There are castles, dragons, siege missions and kingdoms. They are all surrounded by things called magic, but players will recognize them as photons. This sounds like another detour from the first three episodes, but it's back to the Oracle incident, and much of its knowledge has been explained. Just find the answer through the story.

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