EVE Echoes sci-fi MMO, players can complete their empire dreams

  • Those who know a little about EVE should know that this official sci-fi sandbox MMO mobile game EVE Echoes can now be played on Android and iOS. It was jointly developed by the global game developer NetEase Games and the famous studio CCP Games. It can be said that it has successfully passed players' love of EVE Online to the mobile platform.

    EVE Echoes enables new players and EVE enthusiasts all over the world to enjoy the iconic gaming experience of EVE Echoes on their mobile devices, because the game supports English, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

    Obviously, EVE Echoes is the next generation mobile spaceship MMO game based on the iconic EVE Online design principles. But the difference is that the game is on a mobile platform, so corresponding changes have been made and the user interface has been rectified. And also very hard in the novice tutorial, simplifying some operations, etc. In EVE Echoes, players will be able to spread across more than 8,000 galaxies in space opera. EVE Echoes is a sandbox where players can freely choose their own characters and game styles in the vast universe, pursuing everything they want in the game , Whether it is the rise and fall of the empire or the transfer of power, the entire history of EVE Echoes will be written by its players.

    EVE echoes exist in the player's parallel new Garden of Eden. Developed based on the iconic game of EVE Online, players can enjoy the original and authentic EVE experience on mobile devices. Including combat, exploration, industry, trade, etc.

    Use more than 100 unique spaceships to create your own sci-fi legacy-in the magnificent EVE echo interstellar universe, players can drive more than 100 spaceships and choose unique ship skins. The capsule itself is the main narrator in their own large-scale science fiction epic. Participating in the unprecedented scale of PvP fleet warfare, EVE Echoes provides an unprecedented battle environment that can support large-scale battles of up to 100 players. Join your allies and test your combat skills in exciting space battles. Experience a player-driven economy through trade and manufacturing-seize the EVE Echoes ISK opportunity to trade and manufacture in an open, player-driven market, and become a business tycoon. Produce, distribute, trade and maximize the use of resources to achieve unlimited wealth!

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