Do you know the experience in Eve Echoes

  • As early as last year, there was news that EVE Echoes was coming out, but the development of the R&D team was delayed due to the virus epidemic. This is a game about the mobile version of the popular space exploration RPG EVE Online. Earlier this year, the R&D team NetEase Games and CCP Games held a closed Alpha test for EVE Echoes. Eventually EVE Echoes was released in mid-August, and many players have downloaded it and started the game for a long time.

    Introduce to friends who have not known or not much, EVE Echoes is a next-generation mobile MMO game based on the design principles of EVE Online. In EVE Echoes, players will form alliances with other pilots in the galaxy to shape the universe of the game. It is worth mentioning that the players in the game are all real online, which makes the game more interesting. In this way, your empire dream is still feasible.
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    The game uses NetEase Games’ proprietary graphics engine NeoX combined with CCP’s game design. Players can freely participate in interstellar battles, resource gathering, industrial manufacturing, trade, exploration, and many other activities in thousands of planetary systems. The professions in the game are chosen by the players themselves, and you may even be a pirate plundering resources.

    According to the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale player can explore and develop a huge galaxy, more than 100 ships are available to choose from, join the company for large-scale battles, participate in shipbuilding, trade, collect minerals, etc. Eve Echoes provides a sandbox space journey experience, with countless paths and game styles for you to explore, large-scale PvP and PvE battles, and almost unlimited 8,000 solar systems that can be explored. You can play the role of miner, trader, space pirate in the game, each role is part of it. It is conceivable that New Eden is a sandbox world, both in terms of scope and epic opportunities, it is epic, but at some point, you will wonder how such a large-scale sandbox simulation is on mobile devices. The perfect embodiment.

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