The start of EVE Echoes was not smooth

  • Since the release of mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes, the R&D teams of CCP Games and NetEase Games have never stopped optimizing the game. And continue to introduce players to all aspects of the project. In August, EVE Echoes can be downloaded and started on the mobile platform. Do you know what every new pilot faces at the beginning of the space journey?

    In fact, the world of New Eden is a very difficult and dangerous place. Fans should be aware that the original MMORPG EVE Online has a rather tortuous learning curve, which often scares novices and feels unfriendly to new players. But at EVE Echoes, they are eliminating this problem while maintaining the core interest of the game. Therefore, the development team focuses on simplifying the user interface and controls, also for the game to better adapt to mobile devices, and is committed to creating a comprehensive learning system that fully explores the game mechanism.

    During the training, the NetEase game team decided to use a non-linear method based on the following points: This term has always been synonymous with the EVE universe. Linear design creates boundaries for players and developers, while the latter is suboptimal for the former and boring for the latter. Developers want to find a balance between maintaining the complexity and convenience of the game. Therefore, the team tried to train in a more free format instead of imposing all the steps on them. Their purpose is to lay out the basic structure of the game mechanics and make new pilots experience the joy of discovery.

    After selecting the main criteria, NetEase Games began to define the basic controls and mechanisms needed to understand the game. They hope that novices can understand the main principles of EVE Echoes after completing the training.

    In the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK previous internal game testing phase, it was decided to combine non-linear methods with animation tutorials. After a lot of trial and error, the developers came up with a version that they thought would achieve their intended purpose. Unfortunately, in a public test in December 2019, they found that a large number of pilots left the game after training because they did not see the following goals. In order to solve this problem, after completing the training, I decided to add intermediate tasks to clearly understand the direction of the next step. To test this change, the developer used it on a test server for a week and found that the player retention rate has increased significantly. Based on the data they received, they made further improvements and eventually became a viable version.

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