EVE Echoes' game optimization is still in progress

  • EVE Echoes is an immersive science fiction space sandbox MMO. It was officially released in August this year. Players can already download and start the game on the mobile platform. This is a game jointly developed by NetEase and CCP Games. It is based on the universe of EVe Online. It can be said to be a simplified version of its mobile platform.

    Players may want to know that there are so many of the same games, so what is the difference between EVE Echoes and other mobile-based MMOs?

    In fact, the three main functions of Echoes are different from other mobile games. The first is the sandbox function, which allows players to Buy EVE Echoes ISK be completely free. The second is the unique setting of EVE, where players can work together to form the dominant force of the entire solar system. The players you interact with online are all real online, so there will be more unknown possibilities, which is very interesting.

    So far, the last feature is the most important, the game is community driven. This means we will actively listen to players’ opinions and make changes based on user feedback. This is a response from the developers at the beginning, and now it seems that they are working hard to make the game better. A series of changes have been made, including training for novices and so on.

    In fact, some functions on the PC are transferred to the mobile version. Moving PC games to mobile phones will encounter many challenges and problems. One of the most difficult functions to deal with is to find a way to support fleet battles on mobile devices, which is the situation of fighting hundreds of players. Developers want to bring the unique feeling created by EVE on PC to mobile devices, which is easier said than done.

    UI is the biggest challenge they face when trying to introduce EVE to mobile devices. There is much less gesture and screen space for menu placement, so they must constantly redesign and improve the menu. The UI of Echoes has been comprehensively improved so that it can be used on mobile devices.

    The first task for developers is to get feedback from the community and make changes. We are a game promoted by the community, so getting players' ideas and suggestions is crucial to the optimization of the game. In addition, they plan to improve sovereignty, increase ships, and make EVE a better game.

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