EVE Echoes developers will make game improvements based on the

  • To commemorate the first month of mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes, the development team of the project continues to actively communicate with the gaming community. Now, the studio has released a video dedicated to answering players’ questions and future plans.

    They are currently performing a series of optimizations on existing functions. Based on the feedback and game data collected by the developers in the past few weeks, they are preparing an improved company app list and company wallet permissions to make it more stable.

    In addition, another topic that is popular with players is the company's hangar logs. However, due to the huge historical volume of transferred projects, this is a very serious challenge for the team. Developers are trying to find a good solution, but they need more time. Two features are under development and will be announced soon. In terms of fleet size and alliance size and new alliance management skills, the fleet size will increase to 50 pilots and the alliance size will increase to 30.

    In addition, many valuable feedbacks that are beneficial to new players have been collected, and they plan to improve the training system on this basis. The developers also put forward some ideas, such as combat simulation, you can ask the young ballast machine professor about the module and ship assembly knowledge.

    Most players are complaining that the missile is too powerful and the drone blueprints are rarely made. They hope that changes related to these issues will appear as soon as possible. However, developers worry about the consequences that will affect the balance of the game and the entire ecosystem. For example, some pilots who have invested heavily in development may need to learn new skills from scratch. Someone may have assembled many drone blueprints, waiting for production. So changes in this situation will result in losses for such players.

    After careful consideration, the team decided to Buy EVE Echoes ISK change the balance 2-3 times a year. If these balance updates bring significant improvements to the game, the number of balance changes from now on will be further reduced. The latest update of this part of the game will be released around November. At that time, the developers will check the data to see which ships are popular and which ones are not. They also plan to collect community feedback, which will be the basis for upcoming balance changes.

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