The main problems and solutions in the first month after the re

  • In order to commemorate the first month of the mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes, the EVE Echoes development team will continue to share important information about the game. And a video appeared on the project’s Facebook page, which involved issues that are very important to the community.

    The producer and lead programmer of EVE Echoes revealed that after the game was released, the studio has been busy solving game problems and developing a roadmap, so they did not have enough time to communicate with players before. First of all, they apologized for the inconvenience caused to players due to maintenance in the second week, and promised to pay corresponding compensation soon. For developers, one of the first tasks after the release is to implement anti-cheat measures. Since EVE Echoes is a mobile version of EVE Online, its economic system is also inherited from the original EVE Online. As a result, it is more vulnerable to attacks by plugins, scripts and real money merchants than other games. In order to maintain the balance of the game, it is very necessary and relatively fair to the players.

    From the time the server was turned on, about 150,000 accounts in the game have been blocked. The reason these accounts are blocked is related to exploiting loopholes, prohibited programs, and abusing the reimbursement system for profit. The developers promised to continue to look for these players to maintain a healthy economy and provide an excellent gaming experience.

    In addition, players participating in RMT will face severe penalties. Ban the seller effortlessly and get resources from the buyer. If a company is found to be involved in these illegal activities, it will face more severe penalties. The results include forced dissolution and prohibition of all participants. The game studio also plans to fight RMT sites and groups in social networks at the technical and legal levels.

    Regarding the technical issues of EVE Echoes, the developers are actively working with them. This is a very complex game and requires the right infrastructure. During the first month, capsule manufacturers often encountered congestion in certain systems, such as Kaaputenen. In order to reduce these incidents, the team made some improvements to Buy EVE Echoes ISK server resource allocation and made Stargate more efficient. At the same time, they plan to increase the pilot limit in the system and increase the ability to slow down time to further reduce workload.

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