New player, how much do you know about EVE Echoes?

  • EVE Echoes has entered Android and iOS in late August this year. The name rang because it happened to be a derivative of the legendary EVE Online, which is one of the most available space MMOs on PC. Obviously EVE Echoes is a derivative of EVE Online on mobile devices, which was jointly developed by CPP Games and NetEase.

    Players know that EVE Online was officially released in 2003, and since then, it has become one of the most ambitious games on the PC, and it is still played globally. It is precisely because of the success of the PC version that the creators finally decided to bring it to mobile devices, which is exciting, even the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale trailer of the game.

    Players can learn many details about the game. EVE Echoes will have a vast universe, which will contain more than 8,000 solar systems. Players can freely choose the way to go from these options, and most of the players encountered in the game are real online players, which is very interesting. The game will also conduct fierce PVP and PVE battles. There will also be other activities such as mining, trade, industry, and a fairly complex player economy. Players can participate in a sandbox called "New Eden". Perhaps EVE Echoes may revolutionize mobile online gaming.

    There is a new faction called The Yan-Jung in the game, and you can view detailed information about this faction below.
    Eng-Jung is an ancient civilization in EVE history and has become a new faction in EVE Echoes. Yan-Jung was created to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of the EVE universe. They value balance, appreciate collective harmony, respect history, and strive for the ultimate pursuit of "being one with heaven". Inspired by ancient Oriental architecture, the Yan-Jung boat is made of bronze-like metal with smooth surfaces and symmetrical designs to highlight its oriental qualities.

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