EVE Echoes can also be perfectly reflected on mobile devices

  • CCP and NetEase's ambitious science fiction MMORPG epic, EVE Echoes has been released, but around this alternative reality, EVE Online is still an unanswered question.

    After the previous in-depth live broadcast, someone interviewed Hilmar Veigar Pétursson and Bing Xi of CCP, and Wei Su and Shicheng Zhou of NetEase to discuss the upcoming products and how the team accomplished this difficult task.
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    Echoes has a history of 3 years, and its purpose is to provide a sandbox space travel experience, providing countless paths and game styles for you to explore, large-scale PvP and PvE battles, and almost unlimited 8,000 solar systems that can be explored. You can play the role of miner, trader, space pirate in the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK game, each role is part of it. It is conceivable that New Eden is a sandbox world, both in terms of scope and epic opportunities, it is epic, but at some point, you will wonder how such a large-scale sandbox simulation is on mobile devices The perfect embodiment.

    But before we have seen many space simulation games inspired by EVE become popular on iOS and Android, and some of them have proven to be very popular. Although Pétursson only sees it as a confirmation that hungry mobile gamers are looking for these adventures. He said that he is very happy that other games have brought them market enthusiasm.

    In fact, I do have a feeling that Echoes aims to become this type of real game on mobile devices.

    Thanks to mobile translation, the UI has even been appropriately changed. EVE Online’s UI is not a secret, it is a mess: year after year iterations are stacked on top of each other like layers. Thanks to it being a new game on the one hand, and a mobile game on the other. Google’s accumulated over the years has been streamlined into a more pleasing and easier to parse UI, and some new content has been added. It also makes your spacecraft management easier.

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