My thoughts on EVE Echoes

  • When I first deployed in 2012, I was fascinated by a game called EVE Online. At first, a colleague introduced me to this game. It happened that we had nothing to do in our free time and it was a bit boring, so I decided to try this game. Under normal circumstances, due to the poor reputation of the game's "spreadsheets in space", I feel even more disadvantaged, but beggars cannot be a selector. Once I surpassed the early, steep learning curve, I found myself completely fascinated by the CCP Games sandbox-MMO. Although I was not good at it at all, it did not affect it. Soon after I got home, I parted ways for my regular favorite games, but this experience left me for many years.
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    Just in August of 2020, we now have a mobile version of EVE Online called EVE Echoes. CCP Games worked with Chinese developer NetEase Games to develop the game. Before the game came out, just like everyone who followed this matter, I have some concerns about this. But actually I need not lament the follies of mobile gaming here: outside of straight-up ports like Stardew Valley, most mobile “adaptations” tend to be soulless husks of their larger console/PC brethren filled to bursting with obtrusive and exploitative micro-transactions . These foibles are largely why I ricocheted off Stellaris: Galaxy Command, which traded the grand strategy of its older sibling for a hollow Clash of Clans imitation.

    Players can learn that EVE Echoes has the same large number of stars and planet clusters as Online, but they are completely separated from each other. This means that EVE Echoes players will start again, and for some old players, it is not difficult to Cheap EVE Echoes ISK recreate an empire. Everyone entering the game will start with a basic frigate, rarely learn skills, and named after them ISK, which is the currency in the ISK game. So starting over is not a bad thing, because the community is deeply rooted and EVE Online can be daunting for new players. Sure, in time Echoes will have its own collection of super-corporations lording over everything, but knowing we’re all starting from square-one makes jumping in less daunting.

    But the progress of EVE Echoes has been shaken, although it retains most of Online's DNA. As time goes by, the skills are still being learned. As the levels increase, the balloon expands from hours to days, but some of the fat has been removed. There are no attributes that affect the time it takes to learn skills, and no skill extractors/injectors can be found. There is not even a skill manual because the entire system is now controlled by Tech Levels.

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