Calligraphy Pen Sets

  • A calligraphy pen set is made up of different pens having distinctly shaped nibs with special handles. This handle is normally made of metal, plastic, bone, glass or wood. Few of the nibs possess an ink reservoir which is permanently attached where-as others possess a slip-in version. Most of the calligraphers like to use metal nib for their calligraphy pen set because they can use different range of inks mixed to variety of consistencies and colors. One piece of useful equipment which most of the calligraphers overlook however which is an important part for all the calligraphers is the pen holder.

    These holders is made of plastic or wood with a very exquisite and rare Venetian glass an alternative frequently attached to the metal fitting. Whenever you select a calligraphy pen holder you have consider few aspects which are necessary that includes the barrel and the mechanism which holds the different nibs. Some of the size of these nibs varies and so they may not fit the specific pen holders. The girth and weight of a pen barrel will eventually affect on how easily you grip the pen. Few of the plastic shafts are very smooth and at times slippery when you use it for a very long time causing lots of tension on your hands as the grip becomes tight.

    Some of the calligraphers tend to purchase a pen holder with a grooved rubber grip or a cork rapping at the point when their finger grips the pen barrel. It usually depends on the calligrapher since they may not understand how they feel about a specific pen barrel until they start feeling it in their hands. Some of the calligraphers like to have a heavy instrument where-as others may rather want a light instrument allowing them to get a feeling of the nib more intensely. Whenever you purchase a calligraphy pen set, the calligraphy pen holder is always included with this set. You do not essentially have to utilize the same holder that comes with this calligraphy pen set.

    You may want to purchase a separate penholder to try your hand at calligraphy. However, one good idea is to use the same nibs that come with the calligraphy pen set. As mentioned, few of the holders fit a particular holder of the same manufacturer. For instance, Pelican nibs usually used with the pen holders manufactured by Pelican due to its complicated nature of connection that involves small size metal hooks and tongues which associate with each other. In case, there is a device to grip the pen barrel then you have to make sure that this device fits perfectly without any kind of movements. A wobbly holder will usually not be favorable to make clear crispy straight strokes.

    You must also check that the nib easily sits in the alignment with the pen holder. If there is any kind of misalignment then it will prove to be distracting for you. Calligraphy pen holders are generally not high priced instruments. They are fitted with few high quality nibs and its plain holder will be as effective as the fancy and expensive penholder. If you are an avid artist, buy a calligraphy pen set and get hooked on to this exquisite art of writing.

    Have you ever tried glass dip pen? Glass dipping pen is a handmade artwork of crystal glass, glass dip pen is not just a fine writing instrument, many pen enthusiasts have a collection of glass dip pens, not only for the large variety of elegant designs, but also because you can easily change between colors when you want to write with multiple inks.

    Glass Dip Pen is widely used for calligraphy, art painting, graffiti, daily writing, sketching, hand account records, etc.