The Achievements Of Photovoltaic Modules In China

  •      With the rapid development of photovoltaic power generation technology, photovoltaic modules are becoming more and more diversified and can become transparent BIPV modules used in houses. Whether it is size, shape, or material, it can be specially designed according to the needs of power generation, which can not only meet the needs of ordinary photovoltaic power station construction but also meet the electricity demand of other special buildings - BIPV.

    This is an innovative application of integrating solar power (photovoltaic) products into buildings. BIPV can be adapted to most buildings, such as flat roofs, pitched roofs, curtain walls, ceilings, etc. It can be installed. The Achievements of Photovoltaic Modules - Shanghai G60 "Science and Technology Cloud Gallery"

        The Kechuang Cloud Gallery, located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, was conceptually designed by the world-renowned architectural designer Rafael Vanoli. Its total length is 1.5 kilometers and consists of 23 high-rise commercial office buildings. When fully completed, it is expected to become the longest urban industrial corridor in the world.

        The cloud gallery has undertaken two major national-level research projects. One is the subject and demonstration project of the National Science and Technology Support Plan: "Research and Demonstration of Renewable Energy Utilization and Building Integration"; the other major subject is the scientific research project of the State Grid Headquarters: "Research on Key Technologies for Cooperative Operation of Source-Storage-Load in Commercial Parks" and demonstration".

         Jiaxing Fuying Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a mono solar panels manufacturer in China. All of the company's mono solar panels factory produces double glass modules and PVB composite functional films.