10 Ways to Protect Your Identity in 2023

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    If you are reading this, you know we are living through unprecedented times of uncertainty. You are searching for security.  As the digital world continues to grow with new technology, so do the risks.  Millions of identities are stolen every year.  Billions of dollars are lost. Identity protection is a priority for many Americans in 2023.  Here are some things you should know.

    Identity Theft Statistics

    According to the National Council on Identity Theft Protection – credit/debit card, mail, and computer fraud are serious crimes well worth awareness.

    These types of crimes have the ability to ruin lives financially and socially. In addition, not knowing the motives of someone who acquires your personal information may lead to harming you physically.

    * Ten Tips to Protect Your Identity in 2023

    Not all situations are the same, so it’s important to do your own research as it applies to you.  Discuss options with respected people & professionals when considering identity theft prevention, protection, insurance, and legal services. 

    #1  POP-UP(s) on your computer – It’s always wise to delete or ignore them. They could be spyware or adware with codes to cause you or your computer harm.  Be sure 1st.  Search for more information before proceeding.

    #2   EMAIL – Think twice before clicking links in emails unless you are sure you trust the source.    Don’t send personal information until you validate who you are sending it to.  

    #3  BANK RECORDS – Keep up on them after any transaction & don’t store CC’s on websites.

    #4  USPS MAIL –  Don’t leave mail in your box overnight and remember to request a hold while on vacation.

    #5  CREDIT REPORTS – Check monthly for suspicious activity you may not be aware of.

    #6  MONITOR CRIMINAL RECORDS – Make sure your name isn’t out there anywhere, in bad places.  Do an online search of your name occasionally to see what comes up.

    #7  BE CAREFUL OF THE DARK WEB – It can be a dangerous place.  Research it before going there, as it has its own unique rules.

    #8  KEEP COPIES – Of all transactions, so if the internet goes down, or important records are lost online, you have a backup.

    #9  KNOW WHO TO CALL for Help – It is always a good idea to have contact information available prior to an urgent situation to avoid additional stress.  If your identity is stolen, you will have to take action to set things right. This could include contacting credit bureaus, talking to law enforcement, reporting identity theft to government agencies, and finding legal assistance.

    #10  FIND PEACE OF MIND – Safeguard your personal information and take action to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft, before it happens.  Identity Theft — National Crime Prevention Council

    IdentityIQ Protection

    The best identity theft monitoring in 2023 will help. IdentityIQ can save you time, money, and stress with our professional services. Our up-to-date technical systems will ‘keep watch’ for your security.  We will alert you to compromised identity, suspicious activity, and other possible breaches.  We will also give you a dedicated case manager to walk you through the process of reclaiming and restoring losses, should you encounter an identity theft problem.

    If you have your identity stolen, you not only need to know what steps to take, you may need finances for a lawyer and other expenses. When your identity has been compromised, it may be difficult to access money, and you may want coverage. Fortunately, the best identity theft monitoring services include identity insurance.  When you choose IdentityIQ, you’ll have the best – up to $1 million in insurance to help you cover identity theft-related costs like lost wages, legal fees, and reimbursement of stolen money.

    You probably don’t want to face identity theft alone. You can choose identity protection with the assistance of professionals who care.  Best wishes for peace of mind and security in 2023.  We are here for you https://Identitytheftprotection123.com   –  find out more