a long time since another entry in the Splinter Cell

  • Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Edition The Splinter Cell franchise is long overdue for a new title. However rather than continuing Sam Fisher's story he deserves a complete reboot.Few third-person stealth action games have reached the same level as Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell franchise. From 2002-2013 the Splinter Cell titles dominated the medium thanks to their unique gameplay approach. Gamers would control Sam Fisher as he snuck his way into various compounds and facilities to assassinate rescue or gather intelligence. What separated these games from other titles was their focus on patience and timing. Before Splinter Cell the only other action-shooter franchise that adopted this gameplay style was Hitman.

    While he continues to find his way into games other than his own franchise Sam Fisher's clearly still alive and well with Ubisoft. Likely waiting until the time is right and getting the right development team together to usher in Fisher's return it's been a long time since another entry in the Splinter Cell franchise. 2013 marks a little over seven years since the last entry Splinter Cell Blacklist released on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now with an entire console generation dividing between the previous and the next many are awaiting any potential news on a new entry which has long been rumored and hinted at. Sam Fisher's own adventures have been gone a long time. z2u.com provides Cheap Splinter Cell Collection  for players

    The Splinter Cell games enjoyed massive success during their run in the early to mid-2000s. These strict stealth games masterfully delivered the fantasy of being a super-secret spy going about dangerous missions. The last entry in the series came in the form of 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist which sold poorly and as a result fan-favorite Sam Fisher has been nowhere in sight.That being said those who have played these games still consider them to be some of the best stealth games to date with good reason. Splinter Cell might not be getting another entry for some time but a feature-rich remaster of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for the new consoles could get the hearts of fans pumping once again.