the Abyssal Domains that players can find in Genshin Impact

  • Genshin Impact Accounts Genshin Impact is full of various quests and challenges that players can complete in order to get adventure experience. Some of the main challenges that players can face are the various Abyssal Domains located throughout the world that serve as dungeons.One of the Abyssal Domains that players can find in Genshin Impact is the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula. It is located on top of Wuwang Hill in the nation of Liyue and rewards players with valuable artifacts upon its completion.

    Players will need to descend and retrieve five wooden planks for the innkeeper which he uses to repair half of the broken steps. This will complete the daily commission and players will need to wait for the next part of the questline to appear in their log on a random day. Once the second commission is complete the stairs will be fully fixed and will give players the "Level Up" achievement including five Primogems for their efforts.And if you want to buy Genshin Impact Account ASIA, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

    By the blue arrow on the Genshin Impact map there are three towers clustered around a central point and these will be the towers that players need to beat to unlock the Valley. There is no set order players need to complete these towers in.The northern-most tower has a fire-lighting puzzle inside which is yet another similarity between Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact. But the way it is completed is a little different. In order to complete this puzzle players will need a Pyro in their party.