Path of Exile Update 1.87 Patch Notes

  • Path of Exile Update 1.87 has arrived, and here is the complete list of changes and fixes added in this patch. Developer Grinding Gear Games released some updated Path of Exile patches in July at the end of last month. So now the first patch for the August game has been released today.

    If you are playing a PlayStation version of the game, the patch number must be version 1.87. Otherwise, the new patch of the game will be recognized as 3.15.0f. The new update does not contain any new content, but it does add some improvements and bug fixes to the game. You can read the entire patch notes listed below.

    The daily drop amount of rune monsters in the campaign has increased by 54%, and there is now a larger stack size on the map, and it will increase as the map level increases. Merchant rearrangements of rune monsters are now kept in 1-2 stacks on the white map, and enlarged to 1-4 stacks on the red map. The map curse modifier no longer has an enhanced effect. One of the bugs fixed was a bug in the ability to summon the god of death, which allowed a second separate POE Currency and buff to command the god of death. Even using the deadly faith of flesh and blood can activate the second aura without saving costs.

    This is a restart-free deployment of the patch, so you need to restart the client to receive client changes, especially Map Curse modifier changes need to restart the client to visually update the description. If you want to know more about this update, you can visit the game's official forum POECurrency to POE Currency Buy. Path of Exile is now available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.