NBA 2K21 review: NBA 2K20 patches are more than just new games

  • I am waiting to write this review for several reasons. First, NBA 2K21 has not yet reached the praise used by the series. I want to give the developer some time to fix the problem before finishing my impression.

    Second, like many of you, my game does not work properly. When it was first released, I could not take part in multilayer matches. Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved and it can be used normally for me now. After an entire week has passed, NBA 2K21 MT has been very useful for me.

    This review focuses on the “My Career” model. This story will be slightly disruptive, but I will let you know which passages to skip to avoid them.

    Back to those startup problems. To be clear: I played a copy of the comment. 2K sent me the game, so I did not invest in bonuses or bonuses. Usually, I don’t think about this content, but focus on the core gameplay and features. However, the price of the Mamba version is much higher than the standard version. Players who invest in this version often do so to compete with the world’s best e-sports competitors.

    NBA 2K has many professional gamers and amateurs who hope to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. This is not the competitive game niche market we are talking about, 2K is one of the big games like Madden or Overwatch.

    This means that many people suffer from malfunctions that prevent their bonuses from displaying (including the coveted virtual currency (VC) 100K, which is the only way to upgrade the player’s core data). The role is commensurate, enough to get an extra boost after launch.

    That’s a shame. People usually take time off, plan the weekend in advance, and really treat themselves when their favorite games are released. As far as I know, despite the company’s announcement last week that it has resolved this issue, for some people, the issue still exists. I still have a public ticket for over 2 weeks, although I finally solved my problem with 2K21 MT.

    For me, it resolved this problem after I unplugged the console for five minutes and then restarted it.