IKEA has carried out a transformation with the theme of Animal

  • The combination of interior design and game content in Animal Crossing has become a phenomenon. Now, IKEA Taiwan has done this by recreating many pages in its iconic catalog using characters and in-game items from the Nintendo title. You can buy items in the store through the Buy Bells Animal Crossing.

    Due to the limited interior design options of the game, a catalog with the theme of Animal Crossing is not a perfect fax. But this is a damn good attempt. I especially like how they use the colorful characters in the game and make their clothes almost exactly match the IKEA models.

    Of course, the way to buy furniture at Animal Crossing is different than at IKEA. In "Animal Crossing", buying furniture is a frustrating process, requiring constant visits to the in-game store and hoping that all the items needed to complete the inventory are in the inventory. But at IKEA, buying furniture is a frustrating process, and you are forced to walk around the maze-like interior to find what you need.

    IKEA is just the latest company to join "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". "PR Week" said in May that it has become a "branded PG paradise." Watch corporate brand hijacking a simple game about harvesting the natural resources of the island. If players need to obtain resources, they need to pay Tom Nook a Nook miles Ticket or ACNH Bells. Of course, maybe this is a bit sad.