3 improvements of NBA 2K21 MyCareer

  • Less than a month from the release date of NBA 2K21, for users who play 2K every year, they hope to upgrade at least several times a year to improve the experience. Although 2K21 does have some major game upgrades, players still hope to see improvements elsewhere. In the absence of game upgrades, NBA 2K21 MT can effectively help players improve the game experience.

    Transform MyGM mode
    2K20 has changed a lot in MyGM mode, introducing action points, limiting the player's ability to perform multiple actions in a day. Take the fun from the best part of the pattern. For the sake of authenticity, the MyGM model should not be restricted. As a person who has sunk countless hours in GM mode, I hope to remove meaningless dialog options and improve custom settings so that the fan base can better play the different ways of MyGM.

    Improved online games
    In the past, online game modes had continuous connection problems, and because the overall level of players was unreasonably matched, the game could not maintain balance. But in NBA 2K21 is about to meet everyone. I think this problem will be resolved.

    Decreased factors for paying to win
    Part of the advantage in MyPARK depends on who spends more money to upgrade MyPlayer. This once made it almost impossible to play ordinary games online with friends who didn't spend so much money. Over the years 2k has been upgraded and improved. This problem has been solved for games and currency. Now you can use your 2K21 MT in key places without being too expensive.