Animal crossing features everyone wants

  • Imagine going to the airport without having to listen to all of Orville's speech. A creative "Animal Crossing" fan combined the incredible Nintendo Direct with professional voice actors, which is basically "Animal Crossing": New Horizon player's dream. Imagine that you can have enough Animal Crossing Bells without any effort. All the functions in Animal Crossing are what you want.

    We all like Orville from the airport, but humans do have a longer roar against dinosaurs than Blathers. The 100% fake Nintendo Direct imagines what life would be like if Nintendo added a "fast service" option when setting up flights or opening doors. Watching its experience in action is a painful reminder of how much time I spent tapping the same conversation unconsciously.

    Imagine being able to go to the airport, buy a plane ticket, and then act the way you like without having to leave. If friends come to your island, the game will simply be saved, and their arrival banner will be displayed when you continue to play the game. Finally, how cool is it to set up your own store for other players to buy unwanted items?

    Without destroying the video, many other quality of life updates are also provided, and you will wonder why Nintendo was not added. This is actually the second video of its kind published by the same creator. Check out the first fake Nintendo Direct here, and dream of making any number of bait in one action in the future.

    Currently, here are some incredible ideas for Animal Crossing: New Horizon Island. In my opinion, after all, this is a fake Nintendo Direct. He is not Nintendo, nor is he your Animal Crossing: New Horizon. In order to get more items, you have to buy the Nook miles Ticket. It is Nintendo's real fun to experience the process you have to go through.