Why NBA 2K21’s $70 price tag may not be "rationalized"?

  • NBA 2K21 is about to be released, and many players question the unreasonable price increase. Speaking of the price increase of NBA 2K21, Zelnick said: “Although the manufacturing cost of first-line products is high, the price has not risen for a long time. And we believe that with the value we provide to consumers and you can only The kind of experience available on these next-generation game consoles is reasonably priced. Simply put, when providing you with extraordinary quality, our company is proud to do this." Some players worry about whether the cost of forming MyTEAM expensive? All you need to do is to build a team smartly. But if you don't have time to fight for them, in the community market, you can Buy NBA 2K21 MT, which sometimes exceeds its value.

    We are not sure whether the next-generation price of NBA 2K21 is reasonable. To be clear, this is not a debate about whether there should be a $70 game. Although NBA 2K20 has mixed reviews among fans, NBA 2K21 is likely to help reverse the situation.

    The real problem is that TNBA 2K21 developer Visual Concepts seems to have some knowledge about the next generation of games in some way, which is beyond the reach of other video game studios. This is what Zelnick seems to be suggesting. The beginning of the next generation of video games: "Obviously, we do not represent the industry, and to say the least, the industry will naturally not coordinate on these issues. Pricing must reflect the quality of the experience, and we aim to provide the best experience for the enterprise."

    Publishers such as EA, Ubisoft, and CD Projekt Red have agreed with this, and they have launched their own plan to enable you to automatically upgrade the name of the upcoming version of the game to the next version at no additional cost. You can upgrade the current version of NBA 2K21 to the next generation, but only if you purchase the $99.99 Mamba Forever version of the game.

    Zelnick recently pointed out that the next-generation pricing will be determined on a "title by title" basis, which makes you wonder what NBA 2K21 is. In recent years, fans of the 2k series are willing to spend their money in games. And this is not to express how to spend money. Make full use of 2K21 MT in the process, even if the budget is limited, you can get the most benefit from the team.