Use of Chocolate Tempering Machine Manufacturers


    So, how about Chocolate Tempering Machine Manufacturers' tempered chocolate?

    Follow the 3 steps below to temper the cocoa butter:

    1. Melting; Heat the temperature to about 400 degrees to melt the original cocoa butter mass. It is recommended to use insulated hot water to melt the butter. However, it is important to keep the water away from the cocoa butter.

    2. Cooling; cooling the temperature to 250C degrees. There are different cooling methods. For example, by circulating cold water, by sweeping, or by seeding, etc.

    3. Heating; heating the temperature to 300C degrees. The heating temperature should not be too high, otherwise the taste of the chocolate will be destroyed; and the above process needs to be repeated.

    The tempered chocolate can be used for molding, coating, dipping, etc., to make various chocolate products.

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