Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages of Polyester Fabrics

  •    What kind of fabric is polyester? In fact, polyester is a very common chemical material. In the early days, it was indeed a blended fabric of polyester staple fiber and cotton. Now, many outdoor leisure products and sportswear are polyester fabrics. With the development of chemical fiber textiles, polyester fabrics are also very common in clothing fabrics

    What are the advantages of polyester fabrics?

    1. Acid and alkali resistance, not afraid of mold and insects.
    2. Polyester synthetic fiber fabric has a good heat resistance and thermoplasticity.
    3. High strength, strong and durable, as well as good recovery performance and anti-wrinkle and non-iron characteristics. 4. Good light resistance, not easy to fade, and discolor when worn outdoors.

    What are the disadvantages of polyester fabrics?

    1. Poor hygroscopicity. Polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity, it will feel stuffy when wearing, easy to carry static electricity, and be contaminated with dust, but it is very easy to dry after cleaning, the wet strength is almost unchanged, and it is not deformed, and the wearability is very good.
    2. Poor dyeability. There is no specific dyeing gene, it is difficult to dye and easy to dye, but the color fastness after dyeing is very good, and it is not easy to fade.
    3. Staple polyester fabric is easy to pill.
    4. Poor melting resistance. It has poor melting resistance, and it is easy to form holes in case of sparks, ash, etc., and avoid contact with the head and sparks when wearing.

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