Madden NFL 21 has the worst user rating in metadata history

  • Critical bombing is nothing new, and it even affects the best games such as "The Last of Us: Part Two". However, a special example needs to be taken to ensure that the worst user ratings are praised in Metacritic History, but this is exactly what Madden NFL 21 manages. Currently, the title ranks 0.3 on PlayStation 4, attracting nearly 3,500 negative comments. This also made me stop thinking when I was preparing to Buy Madden 21 Coins.

    Some of these comments are thought-out criticisms all over the place, and the biggest complaints boil down to errors. Indeed, the title lacks the modifications of the main AAA version; we are not sure whether the coronavirus will interfere with EA Sports' plans, but this is the first game ever to cause a serious crash of our console.

    Many players are also frustrated by the lack of improvements in the franchise model. Although developers have been assuring consumers that it will launch some major updates soon, it seems that it is not enough to quell dissatisfaction. Some football fans were so angry about this game that they launched the NFLDropEA label.

    As we reported earlier this week, a big patch is planned before the start of the new NFL season, which is expected to make the championship more stable. After awarding the game a score of 6/10, we obviously disagree with the user score of 0.3, but this makes fans feel frustrated, thinking that it has been troubled for years. In recent days, friends around me have purchased less and less MUT 21 Coins. Most of them are disappointed with this update and hope that the publisher will respond appropriately to save more players.