Take Advantage of the Turnip Market

  • Set up Nook's Cranny store and you can start selling Hot Items. Every Sunday, you have the opportunity to buy radishes. The price of radishes changes every day. You choose to sell them to Timmy & Tommy at the best time to make huge profits. At the same time, you can also pick some of the hot items of the day yourself, and sell them at the right time to get a lot of Bells.

    Apart from the methods introduced above, you can also make Animal Crossing Bells through hit rocks, catch Tarantulas, sell weeds, shake trees, sell your unwanted items and more methods. However, for players who have no time to do so, the fastest way for them is to buy from a reliable store. www.lolga.com is definitely the best choice for you.

    Same as other video games, items and currency are very important for players to go further in the game. Bells are the primary currency in the Animal Crossing series which can be used to purchase items from stores, pay off the player's mortagage and buy tools and the like. The items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are divided into categories like art, furniture, tools and materials. All of them matter a lot for players to better enjoy the game.