EFT Items but the mountains means that players can get near you

  • These locations are around the big red customs warehouse, so that the name of the map from over the west wall of the storage facility, as well as the scope and up railway river. RAID used in each of the eight spawning, there is a strong possibility, four groups are around the warehouse Cheap EFT Items Items originating So always be ready, as long as you landing operations.

    Map of their distribution in the east horseshoe spawn points around the northern and down towards the old gas station circle. These eggs nearly three-quarters of potential spawning boss, give you a good opportunity for him to drop as soon as possible, EFT Items but the mountains means that players can get near you very soon.

    One or two of learning can extract enough for you to escape from time to time, but you have more choices and higher success chance. The ability to dynamically change and switch extracts program can be a valuable skill. Extract the map only three customs permanently available, one in the east and two in the west. These will only be available depending on where you spawn, so always double-click the O button to make sure you're heading to the right place.